How Social Media Can Be Used When Studying Law


When studying law in college, I learn mostly about Case law is the body of available writings explaining the verdict in a case. It is most often created by judges in their rulings, when they write their decisions and give the reasoning behind them, as well as precedents in other cases and statutes that had a bearing on their decision. A single case may generate virtually no written interpretations or opinions.

In today’s society, social media is so important and is such a big part in day to day life, that’s why it is so important that when studying, social media can help massively, by this I am refusing to using it as a tool rather than anything else. Social media is created in areas such as studying law, as it can be used to create online profiles that represent themselves and used to also to network with like-minded individuals.

For example using a social networking site like linked in for example, using this can help you to gain an insight into the professional world and also lead to networking and mentoring opportunities. I think that networking and mentoring can be very helpful for individuals transferring into the professional world, as mentoring can help people to gain knowledge and experience through it.

Instagram also can be used for this reason too, Instagram can be used to gain masses of followers and build up social media groups, pages, topics and even university unions that you can build and be a part of online. Social media can also help massively with learning, there are many law pages that provide helpful information in regards to certain topics, therefore students can learn on the go.

Many people build up their social media pages and also Buy Instagram Followers, they also Buy Instagam Likes too, in order to build up their online presence and appeal to a wider audience. If a page already looks like it is doing well online, this can also help building it up even bigger, as people follow people, therefore creating trends and looking big online goes a long way.

In regards to people who Buy Instagram Followers, this also helps with their reputation online but also offline on other networking sites, it proves that their information that they are providing is valuable, if so many people are following the website or page, this can also convert to traffic therefore converting into other funnels such as traffic for shops, blogs, content and so much more on the internet. It is such a great way to share knowledge and information.

Donna Enn

The author Donna Enn

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