3 Types of Inkjet Printer Cartridges You Should be Aware about


Before buying the inkjet cartridges, you should realize the options available to you and what other alternatives are available in the market as well as their compatibility with your printer. Cartridges are designed to be compatible with a particular type and model of the printer. These cartridges are usually available in combined or single colors. An inkjet cartridge is a type that can only be used in inkjet printers. Have a read at the options of inkjet cartridges available to you.

  1. Starter and high capacity inkjet printer cartridges

A starter cartridge is a tiny unit that is generally supplied with a new printer and just meant to get you up and running with your printing system. On the contrary, a high capacity ink cartridge entails more canon ink from than your standard inkjet printer cartridge. Many people tend to choose this with the high capacity cartridge as per page cost is quite cheaper than buying a standard sized cartridge. Remember that not every printer is able to fit a high capacity cartridge though.

  1. Single and combined color inkjet printer cartridges

You can choose to purchase a cartridge that gives out just a single color or a combined unit that bestows you with a full spectrum of colors. The high end printers can usually print in up to 8 distinct colors. If you have a home printer or a small office printer, then your unit will most likely make the use of a cartridge that will print colors across the spectrum by integrating yellow, magenta, black, and cyan.

  1. Pigment based and dye based printer inks

The pigment based inks are usually meant for paper print. You will come to notice that the ink seem to stay as it is on the surface of the paper. This kind of pigment utilized by the manufacturer will impact the hue, vibrancy, and saturation of the eventual outcome. The dye based inks are distinctive where the ink actually gets absorbed into the paper. This kind of ink isn’t that effective than the pigment based ink. You will also see some bleeding when you are utilizing this ink and if you expose your printed paper to the direct exposure of light or sunlight, the ink will just fade away gradually.

Now that you are aware of the kinds of ink cartridges available for your inkjet printer, you know what to buy. If you have any query on what cartridge you should buy for your specific printer model, or browsing for the best printer cartridges online, feel free to get in touch with us at

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